About Ramble and Roam


About the Maker

Ramble and Roam, founded in 2018 by Lauren Souza,  combines modern day style with our age-old desire to be untamed and liberated. Raw crystals, leather, gemstone beads, and metal come together to create uncomplicated yet stylish jewelry that spark a connection with nature. 

Four years ago I started to make jewelry while living and traveling in a camper van. I drew inspiration from the wilderness and the freedom of being on the road. I learned to live my whole life outside and that included making jewelry. I’ve wire wrapped stones and hammered metal everywhere from busy family campgrounds to remote sites in the woods. I’ve packed orders at a picnic table at 9,000 feet in Colorado and visited my fair share of small town post offices in the desert, the mountains, the coasts, and the dusty Midwest. In all of the chaos that comes with constant travel (and now "settling down"), one thing has remained steady—my goal to create jewelry that’s fun and sparks excitement without the need to build an entire outfit around it. I like jewelry that can flawlessly transition with you from a dressed up night out to a coffee date with your bestie in your favorite comfy t-shirt. More importantly, each piece is created, with love, to remind us that we are part of nature.

When I was a little girl, I loved to collect little mementoes of the Earth. I constantly brought home pretty rocks and seashells, cool sticks, and pieces of bark and set them up in, what I thought of as, a shrine to nature. Looking back, I can acknowledge that I was creating an altar space, even if I didn’t know it. Now, my home is filled with antler sheds, feathers, pine cones, mossy covered branches, and crystals. Raw, natural, and untouched beauty always strikes me as something sacred that deserves ritual and respect. The sweet smell of pine forests, the full moon over a lake, tiny mushroom rings spanning the forest floor...they all beg our inner wild to be released.